Upcoming Events

Buck Size Matters | Sept - Oct

Buck size matters, Blanding UT, Things to do in Blanding, hunting contest, southeast UT, bears ears

Farm Days | May 6th

Blanding UT, Blanding, Things to do in Blanding UT, Farm Days, Southeast UT, baby animals

Branding & Marketing in a Rural Community

Blanding UT, Blanding, Things to do in Blanding, Things to do in Southeast UT, Small Town Hub

October 11th & 12th | Click here for details 

September 2018

October 2018

Annual Events to Plan for

The 4th July in Blanding

4th of July in Blanding Utah | Blanding, UT 4th of July | Independence Day Blanding

Regardless if the 4th of July is just over or is coming up, this is an event that you should mark you calendars for. Plan your year now, and make sure you are in Blanding for Independence Day - every year. 

San Juan County Fair

Things to do in Blanding | Monticello UT | San Juan County Fair | Blanding Utah

Two whole weeks of events, food, rodeos, and so much more. 

Canyon Country Music Experience

Canyon Country Music Experience, CCME, concert in southeast Ut, Concert in Blanding UT, things to do

On September 15th the LARGEST music event in southeast, UT is coming to Blanding. Don't be the one that misses out.