Buy Local First Celebration


Small businesses give so much to their local communities. Without small, local businesses, places like Blanding, UT would cease to exist. So join us in celebrating all that your small businesses give to your community. 


  1. Bought in Blanding Contest
  2. The Amazing Race - Blanding
  3. The Amazing Race Party
    November 10th | 4:00 pm | Visitor Center Park



  • Local business gift cards
  • Up to a $500 grand prize
  • Deals &  coupons for from businesses


  • Up to $1000 grand prize 
  • Drawings for participants 
  • FREE t-shirt

Two ways to win!

Bought in Blanding Contest

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Buy local. Post online. Win cool stuff. 

Amazing Race Blanding

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Get a free shirt, complete the challenges, win.

Ten reasons to shop local!

  1. You like your community
    You live in Blanding because you love it here. Without small businesses, and their services, our community's survival just got a whole lot harder.
  2. Your tax money stays local
    Buying locally means more tax money left available to enhance our community. Spending locally instead of online ensures that your tax dollars are reinvested locally.
  3. Local business invest in their community
    Studies show that local businesses donate three times more to community causes than chains. 
  4. 400% more money spent locally comes back to the community
    Between job creation, donations, taxes, local purchases, etc. local business return 400% more money back into their community.
  5. It provides jobs
    Local businesses are better than chains at creating local jobs.
  6. It supports the local economy
    Locally owned businesses are more concerned with their  local economies than their chain counterparts. 
  7. Puts your money where your mouth is
    You love your community and it to thrive, shopping local supports that narrative. 
  8. More options
    As you shop local and businesses succeed, more businesses are able to come into the picture, offering more variety and helping keep costs down. 
  9. Environmentally friendly
    Less fuel for transportation and less packaging is needed when you shop at home.
  10. You embrace your community's character
    Local businesses are part of your community, your church, your schools. They bring character to your town. 

We Promise

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Meet in the Middle

Shopping locally is hard sometimes. Sometimes you can't find what you need. Sometimes it is expensive. And sometimes, it is just easier to order online. Don't worry, we get it.

Our goals are the same. We want Blanding to be the best that it can be. We want to have jobs here, we want to make a living here, we want to keep our town unique and wonderful. So, let's meet in the middle. 

We Promise

We, your Buy Local First small businesses and Small Town Hub promise that we are: 

  1. Working on ways to better serve you
    We are learning and changing and reaching for new and awesome things.
  2. Listening
    We want to know what you need. We want to be even more amazing. 
  3. Getting creative
    We are looking for ways to help you shop locally. We want to make it easier, more fun, and more convenient.

What you can do

Our goals are the same. Let's work together.

Here are three easy things you can do to celebrate your local businesses and help Blanding thrive: 

  1. Look locally first, before buying online
  2. Encourage your local governments to keep your tax money spending local
  3. Have a crazy fun time competing for the #BoughtInBlanding prizes!

Join in the celebration!